Enjolras the Chief
"Aaron Tveit is a young man who has it all: the voice, the looks, the moves of a true leading man, and charisma to spare."
-- Frank Abagnale Jr.
“He dealt with some abuse when he was a kid. You come to find out he got hit in the head with a shovel by his mom and because of this, he has some issues. It’s definitely a part I’ve never played before. I get to really challenge myself with some physical impediments. I’m nervous about it, but in a really good way.”
-- Aaron Tveit on his upcoming role in Big Sky
  • hadersgonnahade said:

    I just started recently following you so I don't know if you've answered this before, but do you know of any links to Next to Normal and/or Rent from the Hollywood Bowl? (p[.]s. your blog is A+)

    Sure thang! Here’s Next To Normal, and unfortunately I can only find individual songs/scenes from Rent from the Hollywood Bowl but this channel has lots of great videos from it :) And thank you!

    1 year ago
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